Popular Scientists Who have Impacted Electrical and Electronics Engineering

A question may have always arose in your mind that who are the scientists that gave their names to electrical units such as Volts, Amps, Ohms, Coulombs etc? Who are all these people that we name theorems after in the lectures?

Alessandro Guiseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta

Alessandro Guiseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta is well pioneer in the field of electricity. The SI unit of electric potential was named after him as the Volt. The portrait was featured on the Italian 10,000 Lire banknote. He was the youngest kid among the 7 children. When he was 7 his father died and after that his uncle raised him and took the charge of his education. His uncle wanted him to be an attorney, but Volta chose the study of electricity.

Andre-Marie Ampere

Andre-Marie Ampere was a mathematician, a chemist, a physicist and a philosopher. The SI unit of electric current was named after him as the Ampere. Since childhood he had a great exposure to a library and left him to educate himself according to his own tastes. Andre soon discovered his passion for mathematics. He carried out a series of experiments to prove that magnetism was electricity in motion and summarized 9 points regarding this fact. During his experiments Ampere was able to unify fields of electricity and magnetism on a basic numeric level. This numeric value was abbreviated as Ampere.

Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla was a pioneer in the field of high-tension electricity. The SI unit of magnetic flux density was named after him as the Tesla. He had made a lot of inventions and discoveries of great value for the development of radio transmission and to the field of electricity. All these included a system of arc lightning, the Tesla induction motor and a system of AC transmission,the Tesla coil, a transformer to increase oscillating currents to high potential, a system of wireless communication and a system of transmitting electric power without wires.