All You Need to Know About Bootstrap 4 Themes & Templates

Bootstrap is a very amazing CSS framework which offers a large number of cautiously built user interface elements, layouts, jQuery plugins, and components. The most amazing thing about Bootstrap is that it is absolutely free. This is the reason why today it has become the first choice of top website designers in Sydney.

When it was launched it catered some actual themes which were created by the bootstrap team. But now there are 3 major ones from which you can choose.


It is designed so tha website or dashboard could have an ideal starting point. It includes various new components such as sortable tables, graphs, charts and a dozen of such components.


This theme was specially created for making marketing sites appear beautiful. There are around 15 new CSS and JS components which can be adapted with respect to any brand or style.


This theme was specially built for robust web apps which cater profiles, notifications, messages, timelines, and utility classes.

By using themes and templates you can easily customize your project. You will find a wide range of paid and free themes for Bootstrap 3.

When To Use A Bootstrap Theme or Template

You will have the basic design by default when you apply CSS and Bootstrap’s markup. But developers tend to make some common mistakes like using Bootstrap as it is and not customizing it.This is the major reason why a lot of websites seem to be similar, which is not a good thing.

So if you wish to provide a professional look to your website then you need to customize Bootstrap. One thing you should remember is the CSS frameworks such as Bootstraps are just a base for your style and they are not the final output. So for building a public website it is important that you customize your theme and template to give it a professional look. The easiest way to provide a professional feel to your website is by applying a professional theme to your website.

Bootstrap 4 is still in an alpha version, so there are only limited themes available.