All You Need to Know About Bootstrap 4 Themes & Templates

Bootstrap is a very amazing CSS framework which offers a large number of cautiously built user interface elements, layouts, jQuery plugins, and components. The most amazing thing about Bootstrap is that it is absolutely free. This is the reason why today it has become the first choice of top website designers in Sydney.

When it was launched it catered some actual themes which were created by the bootstrap team. But now there are 3 major ones from which you can choose.


It is designed so tha website or dashboard could have an ideal starting point. It includes various new components such as sortable tables, graphs, charts and a dozen of such components.


This theme was specially created for making marketing sites appear beautiful. There are around 15 new CSS and JS components which can be adapted with respect to any brand or style.


This theme was specially built for robust web apps which cater profiles, notifications, messages, timelines, and utility classes.

By using themes and templates you can easily customize your project. You will find a wide range of paid and free themes for Bootstrap 3.

When To Use A Bootstrap Theme or Template

You will have the basic design by default when you apply CSS and Bootstrap’s markup. But developers tend to make some common mistakes like using Bootstrap as it is and not customizing it.This is the major reason why a lot of websites seem to be similar, which is not a good thing.

So if you wish to provide a professional look to your website then you need to customize Bootstrap. One thing you should remember is the CSS frameworks such as Bootstraps are just a base for your style and they are not the final output. So for building a public website it is important that you customize your theme and template to give it a professional look. The easiest way to provide a professional feel to your website is by applying a professional theme to your website.

Bootstrap 4 is still in an alpha version, so there are only limited themes available.


Popular Scientists Who have Impacted Electrical and Electronics Engineering

A question may have always arose in your mind that who are the scientists that gave their names to electrical units such as Volts, Amps, Ohms, Coulombs etc? Who are all these people that we name theorems after in the lectures?

Alessandro Guiseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta

Alessandro Guiseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta is well pioneer in the field of electricity. The SI unit of electric potential was named after him as the Volt. The portrait was featured on the Italian 10,000 Lire banknote. He was the youngest kid among the 7 children. When he was 7 his father died and after that his uncle raised him and took the charge of his education. His uncle wanted him to be an attorney, but Volta chose the study of electricity.

Andre-Marie Ampere

Andre-Marie Ampere was a mathematician, a chemist, a physicist and a philosopher. The SI unit of electric current was named after him as the Ampere. Since childhood he had a great exposure to a library and left him to educate himself according to his own tastes. Andre soon discovered his passion for mathematics. He carried out a series of experiments to prove that magnetism was electricity in motion and summarized 9 points regarding this fact. During his experiments Ampere was able to unify fields of electricity and magnetism on a basic numeric level. This numeric value was abbreviated as Ampere.

Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla was a pioneer in the field of high-tension electricity. The SI unit of magnetic flux density was named after him as the Tesla. He had made a lot of inventions and discoveries of great value for the development of radio transmission and to the field of electricity. All these included a system of arc lightning, the Tesla induction motor and a system of AC transmission,the Tesla coil, a transformer to increase oscillating currents to high potential, a system of wireless communication and a system of transmitting electric power without wires.


10 Secret Diet Hacks You Need To Know For Getting Slim Body

Want to know how exactly experts maintain their slim body? Cutting calories for lowering your risk of disease and stabilizing your blood sugar, I know they all sound like tough tasks, but, if you break down these tasks into daily habits, it becomes more simple for getting a slim body.

No More Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a fruit with the fibers removed from them and most of them are packed with sugar. So, you must start a habit of saying no to fruit juice.

Drink More Water

When you drink those soft-drinks they are just simply adding extra calories to your diet and expanding your waistline. Start drinking only water and a bit of tea and notice the change in your body for yourself.

Change Your Lifestyle

A diet is a simple way of eating healthy. And you should understand that it’s a long-term commitment not a one-time event. You must follow the diet plans provided to you by you expert on or buy it online using Nutrisystem Coupons with a discounted rates.

Get Enough Sleep

You probably don’t know this but, sleep time is essential component to losing weight. Even researchers found evidence that better sleep is a way to the success of any weight loss plan.

Have 5-6 Small Meals Instead Of 3 Big Meals

Yes, it sounds strange but, this is the secret to getting to the next level in your fitness goal. Because eating small meals instead of big ones helps your body’s metabolism to start a new spin cycle which is caused by thermic effect of blood. Unfortunately, it’s something that very few people are taking advantage of. Because a higher metabolism makes a fat-burning machine and the longer you follow this meal plan, the more muscle will be developed in your body.

Have Some Fat

Don’t think of it as a weird suggestion and judge me directly. You must understand our bodies need certain types of fat to survive. They are known as fatty acids by names of Omegas 3,6,9 and they are important for healthy diet.

Slow Down

I know you’ve been trying to loose weight but slow down. There are so many people rush into their meals but when you do this, you body don’t get the time to send your brain the signal that you’re full and you end up over-eating. So, I need you to hold your horses and enjoy your food.

To Wrap Up

For getting slim body, you should pay attention to the food what you eat and keeping in mind these things will surely help you to lose some pounds. And, if you know tricks other than these, feel free to share them with us.


Why Is Flying On A Private Jet Very Beneficial?

When people think about flying on a private jet, a question would always pop up; what are the advantages of flying on a private jet Dallas or to any other city versus flying on a commercial airline? And “Isn’t private jet considered a luxury?

There are a lot of advantages if you choose to fly in a private jet. It is true that private jet accommodations can be luxurious, but the real advantages of flying on a private jet are convenience and efficiency. For instance, passengers save themselves from flying out of busy hub airports as they have the option to fly from smaller general aviation airport so that they can avoid traffic which is normally found at large commercial airports.

Another advantage of flying in a private jet is that they can depart from a small facility which is called a Fixed Base of Operation or FBO. By doing this you can avoid all the chaos of a commercial airport. Before 9/11, security factors were a bit loose and you could drive your own cars on the tarmac. But today, there is specific parking space allotted and you can take a shuttle to the aircraft. Parking lots for private jet flyers are normally free and secured. Transport drivers are available 24/7 which help you load your bags onto the plane. So due to this, you need not worry about your luggage to be lost, damaged, or sent to the wrong city.

Flying private can also save you from the stress and frustration of going through those dreaded security lines. On the private jet, the aircraft captain has all the right to search the passenger’s bags. So there is no line, X-ray machine, wand, or removal of shoes, clothing, belts, jewelry. The captain will basically greet their passengers and ask them to show their ID’s before escorting them to the aircraft. You don’t need to worry about missing your flight as the aircraft will wait for your arrival. Once you are on the aircraft, you can choose when to eat and drink whatever they have pre-ordered for you.

If you are a privacy lover then a private jet is best for your travel. The only people on the board will be those who are invited by you. You can carry out your work or a meeting uninterruptedly. Almost every private jet is equipped with connections for laptops, some even have cabin phones and fax machine. This totally depends on upon the type of jet you choose.

The moral of the story is hiring a private jet can help you have a hassle-free and stress-free travel to any part of the world. You can easily and conveniently customize your travel using a private jet. So it’s pretty much advisable that if you want to have a relaxing travel then it’s better to travel through a private jet. You will find a wide range of private jet rental services online which are much cheaper than booking a ticket of commercial flight.


Some Amazing Facts About Electricity Which Will Amaze You

Electricity is considered to be a staple of modern life. If we have a look electricity is way more beyond lighting rooms and power devices. Here are some very interesting facts about electricity which will definitely amaze you.

  • A spark of static electricity can measure up to 3,000 volts.
  • Electricity travels at the speed of light, i.e more than 186,000 miles per second!
  • First use of the word electric was printed in 1646 which was abbreviated from the Greek ‘elektron’ meaning ‘amber’.
  • Ancient Romans recommended touching electric fish can help in curing headache or gout.
  • Reports of people receiving shocks from electric fish are said to be dated back to ancient Egyptians texts of 2750BC.
  • Around 600BC, Thales Of Miletus who was a Greek philosopher became the first person to experiment on electricity by rubbing pieces of amber.
  • The first items to be powered by electricity were the sewing machine, fan,kettle and toaster.
  • The electric chair was invented by Edison for not the means of execution but to demonstrate the dangers of alternating current.
  • The first street in the world to be lit by electric light bulb was Mosley Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1879.
  • In the Mexican city of Torreon you can be fined 20 pounds if you were found using an electric razor while driving.
  • Iceland is the only country whose electricity supply entirely comes form renewable sources.
  •  The electric eel can deliver shocks up to 600 volts. But very few know that it is not an eel but a type if knifefish.
  • Ben Franklin carried out an extensive electricity research in the 18th century, by inventing the lightning rod amongst his many discoveries. In the event of lightning strike, the lightning rod conducts the strike through a grounded wire, protecting the building.